Arden Racing Bib Shorts(3D-Uno Pad)

$350.00 $700.00

Racing Bib Shorts is new product utilizes 3D patterns designed to optimize riding position.
The bibs are made of a high elastic band which has different tension between front and back. The 50mm band gives better feeling and an appropriate background to cyclists. The band provides better performance when cyclists pose to sprint or to grab a drop bar. Provide optimized riding position to rider. Reflection provides safe riding in night time. No sewing technology in thigh band.

Gender: Unisex
Style: Slim Fit
Made in Korea

Arden Racing Bib Shorts(3D-Uno Pad)

3D Uno Pad
Arden's 3D Uno Pad is basically made of 3mm compressor sponge to make cyclists feel comfortable, but the part of pad where is contacted with a seat, has 5mm different thickness from the basis thing and it is made of compressed high density sponge. So, 3D Uno Pad keeps cushion and releases pressor to the sitting bone for a long time cycling, so provides comfortable and pleasant cycling. And the center of pad is designed to grip the seat, but different thickness of pad in region of prostate, get a 10mm space to protect the prostate. Arden's chamois provides optical moisture transmission for about 5-6 hours (150-180km) cycling a day.

Arden Racing Bib Shorts(3D-Uno Pad)

Open 2way Fabric
Made of tricot structure, the fabric has great elasticity. Also, the fabric doesn’t get heavier even when moisture is absorbed. This is good for sports that make you sweat a lot.

4way Span Fabric 2
The fabric, which is especially woven with high gauge, is appropriate material for cycling tights, showing great elatricity and recovery. It has great durability and strong color fastness to sweat with high UV protection performance.

Grip on Fabric

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